Friday, June 29, 2012

PEO TV's major HD debacle

Information is emerging how the inability to keep a business secret has cost PEO TV from becoming the first locally operated HD pay television provider in the country. According to information SLT has been upgrading capacity, etc so that PEO TV could go digital but the information leaked to Dialog TV which in turn woke up from it prolonged slumber and hurriedly launched HD.

According to information being received some PEO TV subscribers are seeing 1080i resolution options appearing on their screens but selecting them is not causing any improvement, since PEO TV is still in the process of working out their systems. Internal management problems has been deemed the major cause of the delay and probably the cause of the leak too.

Not all areas will have access to PEO TV HD services & the services are expected to commence operations from colombo. With PEO TV making the order for new Set Top boxes from UTStarcom, the launch is expected to be only a few months away.

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Priyantha De Silva said...

For me too,
it showed selection option in the morning like

* 1080 p
* 1080i
* 720 p

etc.I selected 1080p. But nothing special happened after that.

Unknown said...


vetop1234 said...

some testing has done PEO TV for HD channels in some areas couple of month ago.but there is no any rush to them to launch it before 100% testing .black STB has capable of delivering HD in 720 and 1080 resolutions with a break out cable connecting to S-video connector.the connector is S-video to component type.
wait them for give better service for you.

Chanaka Palliyaguru said...

I cant imagine how PEO TV is going to go HD without being able to properly distribute standard quality tv. Its still slow and pixel issues are still there.

vetop1234 said...

there is a on going project to give high bandwidth per customer .once it completed all your issues will vanish and giving HD will not be an issue.

kayhaytha said...

Thanks for keeping us informed of PEO TV's progress to give us HD TV.
Please convey our request to PEO TV to switch to Star Movies Asia and StarWorld Asia if possible. We are sick & tired of Indian Advertisements and Programmes. Star World India is even placing ads promoting the Indian Participant currently featured on Master Chef Australia. How much more of this crap are we to tolerate ?

Isura Nirmal said...

SLT's wikipedia page has some information about PEO HD

vetop1234 said...

we cant expect any pay tv operator will move for fox movie premier (star movie Asia)due to high cost for the srilanka pay tv is not a good profitable business.

kayhaytha said...

I agree that Price is an important factor when deciding on channels. But it will be very easy for PEOTV to conduct an Online Survey among their subscribers and ask one simple question. "Which Channel would you prefer ? The Ad-infested Star Movies India @ Rs 50 per month or the Ad-free Star Movies Asia @ Rs 100 per month ?"

E2C said...


hey slt dude whether there;s no profit on pay tv so you should remove HBO ASIA and

add crappy HBO INDIA


first you shold fix your internet fist not tv what we can do with 25GB you slt guys go to HELL...


hey bro r u mad ?? they cant even add any single asian feed except hbo asia BLA...

i wold like to suggest you go for dialog HD they have asian feed like
axn setenta etc.......

sooner or later they gonna add foz movies premium HD like stand alone channel

E2C said...

to all

another non indian feed channel trace tv removed i think r going add another indian feed CRAP

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Peotv hd ....Is it real???

Unknown said...

According to what I heard, PEO HD is real. They are going to introduce few HD channels for free at the initial part. We can be sure they will also charge for those later. They are increasing network bandwidth these days to provide HD services. However, if they do not get their strategies right, they will fail. We want a well-structured and well executed HD strategy. Judging by the past experience 100% probability Dialog will mess it up and 99% probability that SLT follows the same path. However, for SLT there is still 1% hope. This is my idea and I am not an expert in the field. Dialog and SLT, please prove me wrong.

chanaka said...

If not for 48 hour time shift TV, I would have thrown this Shitbox out of the window!!! Before going HD try fixing bad quality output and the freaking annoying freezing thing...

Recently I saw, Dialog's normal channels are much more clearer than this bullshit!

For years they say we going to get this channel that channel and lied to our faces so who knows this is also some bullshit???

Here is an idea, if there is a so called leak how about firing those asses for good and get new people?? I can do a better job for sure...

vetop1234 said...

next Buddhist TV coming soon on PEO TV

vetop1234 said...

Next Buddhist channel Shraddha TV from Mahamewnawa bhawana asapuwa commencing tomorrow morning

djrockz007 said...
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thushjay said...

Admin, please update this blog about the the latest situation of launch of "Shraddha TV" on PEO TV.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Why there isn't a new thread about those 2 new Pio TV channels including 'FRANCE 24" @ channel no. 27 , and 99

Update said...

Launch of Year End Offer
23rd Nov - 31st December 2012

For Existing SLT Voice Customers
Discounted Start Up Fee - Rs. 4999/= + Taxes
Eligible Packages:
PEO Silver - Rs. 799/- + Taxes
PEO Silver Plus - Rs. 999/- + Taxes
PEO Gold - Rs.1,399/- + Taxes
PEO Platinum - Rs.1,799/- + Taxes
PEO Titanium - Rs. 1999/- + Taxes
PEO Entertainment - Rs.1,399/- + Taxes
Note: Pranama packages will not be eligible for this offer.

For SLT Broadband Customers
Eligible Packages:
PEO Gold - Rs.1,399/- + Taxes
PEO Platinum - Rs.1,799/- + Taxes
PEO Titanium - Rs. 1999/- + Taxes
PEO Entertainment - Rs.1,399/- + Taxes
Note: Pranama, PEO Silver and Silver Plus packages will not be eligible for this offer.

Minimum Commitment Period: One Year

E2C said...

@ update

what r the new channels they going to add ??

vetop1234 said...

most of the time they will add,

Star Plus
Sun TV
Discovery Turbo and Science
sony SAB
Zee Studio
Setanta sports

and New HD Service

vetop1234 said...

CH 54 - Discovery Turbo
CH 55 - Discovery Science
CH 87 - KBS World

and many more to come ........

E2C said...

if they add setanta sports and axn that will be a good move..

according to new on demand feature cinema world... what about the cinema world tv channel

how they gonna add cinema world ondemand without adding the cinemaworld channel like HBO..??

Priyantha De Silva said...

Thanks for the new 3 channels,
Specially , Discovery Turbo with English subtitles.

Need few more channels quickly,

* Boomerang
* Pogo
* A movie channel with TSTV facility