Thursday, January 29, 2015

Star Movies pulls out, Verbum TV to be added

Tomorrow 30th Jan Verbum TV will be added to PEO TV on channel number 93. However there is no replacement for Star Movies in sight. The rightful replacement should be Fox Movies Premium, however since this is not authorised in this region, PEO TV might replace it with a downgraded SD feed of Star World Premiere HD.

This is a big MIGHT since no confirmation is in sight. PEO TV should join hands with other pay service providers and call on Fox International Channels to release Fox Movies Premium into this region.

Also PEO TV should start looking for a replacement for Australia+ which seems to have halted transmissions into this region owing to financial issues.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year End Review & Happy New Year 2015

Looking back at PEO TV's 2014, we got some good news about new stuff that may happen but nothing materialised, however their is a glimmer of hope. Let's look back at the major happenings of 2014.

  • Testing of HD channels.
  • Decommissioning old IPTV platform and switching to new platform.
  • Addition of Sony Six and a few local channels.
At the moment the following HD channels are being tested.
  • Animal Planet HD World.
  • TLC HD World.
  • Fashion TV HD.
These aren't widely available since they are available to only subscribers who have access to SLT FTTH/FTTB services, which is not that many.

As with all things SLT, we have very slow progress but hopefully the migration to the new IPTV platform will be completed and then comes the switching of STB's, which would also take time. New Customers are of course getting the new STB and are on the new platform, however existing customers are not that lucky.

The most wanted channel AXN didn't come PEO TV this year too & may frankly never come due to the corrupt practices adopted by management.

Thank you to all our bloggers who help us to keep this blog up to date and look forward to your continued support throughout 2015.

We take this opportunity to wish the Management & Staff of SLT PEO TV, our fellow bloggers a 
"Very Happy & Prosperous 2015"

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Peo TV Expose!

PEO TV commenced operations several years ago, owned and operated by SLT, it has failed in making a mark in the pay television industry in Sri Lanka. Considering the size of the parent company SLT, PEO TV has been handled in a  lacklustre manner.

Recently we received insider information on the happenings inside PEO TV and the foolish practices adopted by management in order to carry out business.

There have been many times subscribers have requested for channels such as AXN, etc on PEO TV but those requests have fallen into deaf ears mainly because the content management team has formed the following conclusions.

1. Sri Lankans wish to only watch local channels.
2. Local channels should be prioritised on the PEO TV platform.
3. Help locals to start channels and add it to PEO TV platform.
4. Local channels promote education and protect culture,

In addition many PEO TV old subscribers who signed up before May 1st are quite disgruntled that they haven't been issued with the new STB since the new NetGem Netbox isn't fully functional and doesn't have services such as Video on Demand, Value Added Services and Self Service. The functions available at present are all the TV channels and 48 hours of Catch Up TV. The initial plan was to deploy the new STB before Jan 2015 but it looks like due to technical difficulties or internal wrangling there will be a delay,

It also seems that PEO TV is more concerned about allowing Catch Up/TSTV for local channels more than International channels since it is their opinion that International channels repeat programming several times but local ones carry a programme only just once.

In addition we also have reports that since PEO TV approached Sony Entertainment Asia a few years ago in a fraudulent manner by using a proxy who claimed to be running a business in the region, they are unable to secure AXN to the platform.

It seems that PEO TV have a lack of understanding on how to operate a pay television service and along with corrupt management practices they are lagging behind their competitors.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sony Six now on Peo TV

Peo TV have finally managed to add Sony Six into its lineup and it is now available on Channel 37 for Rs 127/= with Time Shift TV functions. The channel is available free of charge for Titanium package subscribers.

We are getting reports of a channel being tested on Channel No. 295 and according to unconfirmed reports it is said to be "HBO On Demand".

Friday, June 20, 2014

Peo TV decommissioning existing IPTV platform

We have received credible reports that SLT owned Peo TV is decommissioning its existing IPTV platform that presently uses UTStarcom's IPTV solutions. This comes as UTStarcom is taking steps to halt sales of IPTV solutions due to the unsuccessful nature of it's IPTV business.

According to the information obtained SLT have already set up an alternative solution operated using IPTV solutions provided by Netgem and the system has been operational since 1st May 2014. According to unnamed SLT sources it seems that any new subscribers will be connected to the new IPTV system and all existing subscribers will be shifted to the new system by 3rd Quarter of 2015. The solution comes with a brand new STB which is expected to have the following features.

  • The new Netgem STB comes with 1 HDMI port with support for 1080p/1080i Full HD.
  • Smoother and faster EPG load speeds.
  • Fast Channel change during channel surfing.
  • Vertical Interactive TV Guide with more TV schedule data.
  • Mini TV channel list with forward and backward EPG.
  • Integrated Live TV and Time Shift TV channel list.
  • Integration of Live TV list with VOD/SVOD services.
  • PVR facility (if SLT activates internal HDD)
  • Home Media Center/Media Sharing using USB 2.0 port (if SLT decided to activate the facility)
  • Internet TV Apps - Facebook, YouTube (if SLT activates these features)
  • 7 day catch up TV since the new STB can display both IPTV & OTT content on single interface.
It's likely that SLT hasn't added any new channels so far this year and would likely not do so until all subscribers are migrated to the new Netgem platform. If new channels are added then they would probably be available only for new subscribers who are on the Netgem platform. Hopefully Peo TV accelerates the process of switching over all existing subscribers since they should be launching some new content including HDTV services soon.

Monday, May 5, 2014

PEO TV testing HD channels

After the upgrade carried out on their telecom services it has come to light that PEO TV is now trialing the following HD channels for selected areas from the 1st week of April.
1. Animal Planet HD (Ch.No 130)
2. TLC HD (Ch.No 131)
3. LUXE TV HD (Ch.No 132)
4. Fashion TV HD (Ch.No 133)

Additional a VOD service carrying HD trailers of movies is also available in those areas.

The above HD channels are upscaled versions of existing SD channels of the same name, available on PEO TV. The channels are now said to on trial on areas which FTTH & FTTB service are available.

Monday, April 7, 2014

PEO TV to launch HD service via SLT FTTH/FTTB service

The launch of SLT's FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) / FTTB (Fiber-To-The-Building) service today will enable PEO TV to carry HD services.

The service will be available to areas where FTTH & FTTB will be made available, probably starting in major cities and gradually moving to the suburbs.

This is indeed great news for subscribers who are awaiting eagerly the launch of PEO TV HD. The date of launch for the service isn't confirmed as yet however with the launch of FTTH/FTTB it's likely that the service will be launched soon, initially with limited coverage.

Source: LBO - Sri Lanka Telecom launches extra fast broadband via FTTH