Thursday, June 4, 2015


It's been a few days now Peo TV HD channels are showing up for subscribers who are using FTTH services. Previous the HD channels were available under the old system but now after some updates the channels are showing up for the Net Gem set top users.

Sadly the channels won't be available island wide any time soon. Presently FTTH services are mainly concentrated in Colombo & in certain suburbs.

The channels available on HD are 
1) Animal Planet HD World
2) TLC HD World
3) Fashion TV HD
4) Luxe TV HD

In addition to these a test channel is also rumored to be on air. Additionally the Self Care option is now available for the new set top box, VOD & SVOD facilities are expected to be added soon.

There has been some backlash from subscribers over Cinema World, it has not been a worthy replacement for Star Movies which pulled out from this region earlier in the year. The best replacement would be Fox Movies Premium & we are not sure whether there is any effort being made by Peo TV to secure this channel.

Due to bandwidth issues SLT will not be allowing ADSL subscribers access to HD channels. Disney Junior has been officially added to the Peo TV line up & is no longer on test.


Isuru Perera said...

And there isn't any CMusic channel in my channel line-up now... They're removing channels suddenly without any prior notice... So disappointed about their service... If they add Zee Cinema International & Fox Movies Premium I'll be keep this connection longer, otherwise I don't need to continue this shitty connection...

Dileepa said...


sujee1952 said...

I yesterday saw some HD sports channels in Dialog TV.. looks wonderful.. in the world mostly using 4D
But poor we still not 3D and Even HD
Please work out for that.. coz we love peo tv coz of we can watch two days of early programme